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How To Style Fashionable Fanny Packs For The Summer Time


Fanny packs have become a widely popular accessory from the 90s that has made a comeback and seems that it will stay for a while. Fanny packs are perfect for when you do not want to carry a heavy and unnecessary bag all over the town. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes that makes your easier to choose from.

This ultimate old dad trend for touring new cities is shaking up the fashion scene and industry and is exploding in new and innovative ways that are perfect for the type of fashion industry we are in today.

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Bella hadid. A girl walking . Fanny pack

Like we say all the time, Blazers are a huge street style look that can go far beyond the professional chic look. This chain fanny pack can be styled with this look while across your chest for an edgy look.


This is another blazer that is styled with the fanny pack right on the waist. This gathers the blazer and adds a more sophisticated and chill touch to the plain white striped blazer.

arianna grande. a girl walking. fanny pack

Along with blazers being styled perfectly with fanny packs, over sized sweaters can be styled perfectly as well. This over sized sweater counts as a chill and “thrown on” look but the bright fanny pack seals the look together to be something great.

a girl walking. fanny pack

Trench coats have been a big deal when it comes to street style. They are also a perfect fit when it comes to fanny packs.

hailey baldwin. a girl walking. fanny pack

Silk tops go great with fanny packs as well. They add this laid back and refined look that can turn your look into a fashionable one.


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