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Dior has been a brand that focused on timeless fashion and impeccable pieces. Since the 1950’s, the Dior lady has always been a classy and sophisticated one. ‘The New Look’ was dubbed for Christian Dior’s debut collection in Paris. With all the success Dior had received for his classic and refined designs, also came with some profound inspiration. Behind every designers brand is always inspiration. It’s always someone or something that shaped a fashion house and brand to be what it is today.

In the new 4 part podcast series titled “Mes Chéries: The Women of Christian Dior” talks about the profound women that influenced Christian Dior’s mega fashion house. The podcast consist of former Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief, Justine Picardie having a conversation with the curator of modern textiles and fashion at the V&A museum, Oriole Cullen. The conversation was being held at the London museum while they talked about Christian Dior’s upbringing.

The podcast’s series discuss Christian Dior’s mother, Madeleine Dior and his little sister Catherine Dior, whose nickname was ‘Miss Dior’. That same nickname is the same name that is inspired by a Dior fragrance, ‘Miss Dior’. Madeleine Dior was one who adored spending time in her garden and learning about flowers. Since she was the wife of an affluent industrialist, she had the means to dress well and have her family living in a large villa.

Catherine and Christian were very close to one another despite there age gap. Like Madeleine, Catherine had a love for flowers and gardens and eventually became a full time grower. Following Madeleine’s sudden death, Christian became another parent to his younger sister.

With this podcast discussing Christian Dior’s personal life, they also talk about key people that worked closely with him and formed the Dior fashion house. The orators began discussing Mitzah Bricard and Carmel Snow. Mitzah Bricard was a close collaborator and muse for Dior. Her style and poise ultimately inspired Christian Dior collections. Carmel Snow was the former Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar from 1934 to 1958. She was the first one to mark Christian Dior’s debut fashion collection as “The New Look”

Learning about fashion history is always eye opening. It allows you to understand the inspiration that developed these iconic and amazing fashion brands and houses.

you can download the first podcast here: Christian Dior “Mes Chéries”


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