The latest news in the fashion industry is centered around Givenchy. The LVMH fashion house has just named a new president and CEO. His name is Renaud de Lesquen. Lesquen is currently the president and CEO of Dior Americas. Due to his new position over at Givenchy, he will be performing duties and completing his role on April 1st.

Renaud de Lesquen is a superior expertise in the fashion and beauty scene. He is joining the Givenchy brand and will hopefully give them more of a boost in both the fashion and beauty industry.

Current CEO of Givenchy, Philippe Fortunato who has held the position since September 2014 has done a lot of great things for the brand. Such as increasing the growth of the beauty sector little by little. Fortunato is leaving the fashion house due “to a personal project”.

A little more information of the new successor, Renaud de Lesquen, he is an experienced chief executive officer with a major history working in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Because of his degree from ESCP Europe, Lesquen has a strong background in a variety of skills. These skills include Management, brand management, marketing strategy, business strategy, and brand development.

Seems to me that Renaud de Lesquen is going to be a great fit to the Parisian fashion house.


Taylor Goodson
Taylor Goodson is a mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in fashion merchandising at Clark Atlanta University. Taylor is from Carson, California (Del Amo to be exact) where they breed nothing but stars. She first began loving fashion after watching the hit show That’s So Raven (which is still her favorite show). On Taylor’s free time she is reading and writing the latest fashion news, trends, tips and more on her blog If you need to reach Taylor, she’s probably watching re-runs of Sex and the City.