I always love it when I find a new fashion designer that is emerging from the ground up. I really love it when I discover new BLACK designers at that. Its time for more color in the fashion industry, and this designer is really changing the wave for the new and improve fashion.

Who is Selam Fessahaye ? well I am here to answer all your burning questions. Selam Fessahaye is a Swedish-Eritrean stylist, costume designer, and fashion designer. Her first fashion show or ready-to-wear collection was debuted in August 2018. Her pieces are the type of aesthetic I am craving to see in more designers.

Each model that graced their way down the runway came in different sizes, races, and heights which made it diverse enough to be amazing. Selam Fessahaye stays connected with her Eritrean culture by implementing traditional jewelry worn on the models. Pieces such as that mean alot to the collection. It’s always important to include pieces that mean something to the designer. It gives the consumer a piece of your life and something to learn from.

The different fabric textures and or prints are what really gravitated me to this collection. This brown shiny reptile like fabric is a textile that was widely used in this collection.The second look that came down the runway was this oversized coat with a lot of layers and pieces coming off it that gave it the street style look. Many of her pieces throughout this collection were oversized. I feel as if fashion pieces have no genders. Usually you would see men wearing over sized pieces , but in this collection along with many other high profile fashion design collections, the women are wearing the over sized pieces.

Print mixing is seeming to be a constant trend that does not seem like is going to end anytime soon. The sixth look with the mid inside cropped shoulder pad blazer with the matching oversized pants have ring hole cut outs. They also have two different split fabrics. One side is a leather cheetah print pattern and the other side is a leather eloquent flower pattern fabric. When you think of those two different and distinctive patterns together, you would think they didn’t go together. But in all honestly it’s fashion, anything can work. They probably go together as well because they are mute colors.

From tulle to hard heavy duty fabrics, this collection went through alot of vibes that all stayed on the same trend. Selam Fessahaye might be my new favorite designer

Check out the collection below !


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