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Like a lot of collections I have seen this season, cool and monotone colors are in right now. This Fendi collection started off with morning monotone colors that was refined and refreshing. The beginning of the collection gave me late 30’s/ early 40s vibes but with a stylish and modern twist. Now, I have recently watched the Captain America movie which is based in the 40s during World War 2. Just like the first look that came down the runway, The ladies in the 1940s based film would wear these long wool grey coats that were pleasing to look at. Coats such as this one in the collection is a coat that would never go out of style because of how much of a timeless piece it is.

The first four looks had a unique difference from the other pieces in the collection. The sleeves on the dresses and coats had bishop sleeves. This added a more modern and sophisticated look to the dated but stylish pieces. With these monotones showcased heavy in the beginning of the collection also came with more darker colors that added an edgy look to the collection. This part of the collection probably is my favorite because i’m so into that edgy and sexy look. The matte leather dress coat with shoulder pads and deep V worn by Bella Hadid gave me absolute life. Her sister Gigi Hadid had on a Carmel leather two piece which covered most of her body but had a lot of class and style. It was just so straight to the point and powerful. I love powerful pieces on a runway that demands attention and respect.

The collection really eluded to the 40s trend with the faux fur coats, faux fur shawls across the chest of the models, and lace pieces. There was also a feature of an oversized Fendi shopping bag carried by a model in a bright yellow lace two pieces number.


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