We always love a new trend that is emerging in the fashion world. Its always great for new and even old innovative fashion styles coming into play in the fashion and style industry. This new trend though is something that you tend to see rock stars or even punk individuals wear. But recently I have been seeing it on street style Instagram’s, in retail stores, and more. I knew this was a hot trend when my mother face timed me last week with a pair of these shoes in her hand.

This new dope fashion trend are LUG SOLE SHOES. Lug sole shoes are the perfect look to give your outfit the perfect edge. They come in boots, sneakers, loafers, and more. Edginess is the new fashion norm. When you think of street style now, it tends to consist of edgy, punk, and carefree fashion. I use to not be that big of a fan of this style, but I am starting to get more and more into it. Edgy fashion is swaggy fashion.

Im not even going to lie, I really had a secret love for lug sole shoes for a while. When my mom purchased some and showed me, the excitement for the shoe came out of me and I have been on the hunt for more and more lug soles. The type of lug soles she got were these black thigh high lug sole boots from Zara that were on sale for $19.99 ! That is a complete steal from a place like Zara. When my mom told me about how she was going to style them, I felt like a proud parent. Some of my fashion expertise is starting to rub off on my sweet momma. She said that she’s going to pair the lug soles with a whimsical dress that I absolutely hated but is going to look great with the shoes.

That’s another thing, edgy shoes such as these specific lug sole shoes pairs interestingly with whimsical dresses such as these:

Alexander Wang – Chain-embellished lace-trimmed silk-charmeuse midi dress

Georgia Alice-Crinkled-satin midi dress

What I would do to spice this outfit up is to add nice black leather jacket with a belt to cinch in the dress. Accessorized with a mini beanie, chain jewelry, and fishnet socks (depending on the height of the lug sole). (Just call me THEE STYLE EXTRAORDINAIRE)

Here are some examples of lug sole shoes:

Prada – Shiny Chunky Lace-Up Shoes


Chuck Taylor – Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top




Dolls Kill – Patent Whistler Chelsea Boots



Taylor Goodson
Taylor Goodson is a mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in fashion merchandising at Clark Atlanta University. Taylor is from Carson, California (Del Amo to be exact) where they breed nothing but stars. She first began loving fashion after watching the hit show That’s So Raven (which is still her favorite show). On Taylor’s free time she is reading and writing the latest fashion news, trends, tips and more on her blog If you need to reach Taylor, she’s probably watching re-runs of Sex and the City.