Can we say that this was a piece of art or can we not. I have never been blown away from a collection such as this one. From the production to the dramatic out of this world pieces, I was mesmerized. There is always a designer that wins over the couture season. Let me just say the winner has Giambattista Valli all over it.

Couture collections should always leave you wondering how did that designer come up with that idea? Or How can I get my hands on this piece so I can hang it up in my closet? That’s exactly how I felt with this Giambattista Valli collection. I haven’t felt this feeling since Valentino’s Spring 2019 Couture collection.

This collection though was one of its own. We love designers that dim push the envelope to much but pushes it enough. What I mean by that is the designer is keeping it modern and trendy with a edge you would never see walking down the street. Most designers when they produce couture collections, produce pieces that just don’t fit with the true meaning of couture. I’m not saying couture collections shouldn’t shouldn’t push the envelope. But there should be a balance.

This couture masterpiece was the perfect balance. Pieces such as the plush pink tulle gown gave me soft and pure essence. I could see a big time celebrity in this gown parading down a red carpet some where in the world. The head pieces with the feathers coming out of them allowed you to pay equal attention to detail in both the accessories and gowns. They gave cultural vibes that I haven’t seen done in the right way in a while. The Silk green half arm gown with the oversized draped shoulder sent me. I loved how sophisticated and Devine it was. This was a piece in the middle that was leaving me wanting more.

A great amount of melanin was amazing to see in this collection. I always Stan for my black beauty queens to shine bright in a collection. That’s exactly what was happening in the final look of this collection. The model look so shining and refreshed in the bright yellow tulle dress that was honestly the show stopper throughout this whole collection.

Not only did the pieces steal the show but also the production. The grey circular background allowed viewers to plainly just focus on the fashion. How the pieces were shot was also quite pleasing to view. The fish eye picture taking made the essence of the pieces come to life.

In my book this has to go down as one of my favorite couture collections yet.


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