The little sister brand to Valentino is making bold and vivid statements. The newest collection showcased a variety of bright colors and dark colors that gave the true essence of the theme that came to mind for this collection. All the skirts, dresses, and even jeans were paired underneath with plain black stockings and even some with cheetah print all over them. 

I think we found a new expression of the brand’s signature romanticism, which better reflects the free-spirited, powerful spirit of today’s girls,
said by Piccioli, Creative Director,Via VogueRunway.

The raging 80s theme played a huge part in this collection. As we all know fashion recycles itself. The same trends always come back into the cycle. I guess the 80s vibes is back in play. 
Pieces where paired together that wouldn’t ordinarily be placed together. Such as this one piece that had a fitted graphic tee underneath a vibrant pink strapless leather mini dress with a nice size bow on the torso. Of course the dress was paired with some black polka dot stockings. 

This for example is a Outfit choice that would look so dope on somebody on a girls night out. 
A trend that made a comeback in this collection that actually made me giggle was the acid wash denim. I use to always want some acid wash jeans in middle school. And of course me being the fashion girl that I was, I got the jeans. 

The pink acid wash denim sets is what really exemplified the 80s fashion trend. The real deal 80s rockstar vibe. 

Along with the raging rockstar looks where also some sleek 80s pieces that was very much pleasing to look at. Such as the sleek red poncho with cut outs for your arms. I absolutely was in love with this look and it really is the perfect piece for the Valentine season. 

Lastly my favorite addition to a majority of the pieces would be the big bows along jackets, dresses, and skirts. This is a trend in the collection that will continue to everyday wear.


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