They say that New York City’s transportation system is the best in world. The subway is exactly what I think about when I think about New York City and of course the bright lights of Time Square. For the latest collection of Moschino, Jeremy Scott decided to have his elaborate 80s street style inspired collection at the Transit Museum in New York. The New York Transit Museum is a museum that showcases historical relics of the infamous New York City Subways, buses, and rail systems that makes New York the city that never sleeps. It took nearly a year for Scott to acquire this space for the Pre Fall collection.

When I visited New York, I would see most interesting outfits on the Subway and of course in the New York streets. I loved how Jeremy decided to hold his collection inside of a NYC subway because you always see the most absorbing and fascinating outfits in this cramped up space.

In the beginning on the show you hear the soundtrack start off with ” stand clear of closing doors” Then the beautiful street wear come down the subway’s runway.

Fashion always comes back in full circle and that’s exactly what is happening with the 80s trend. I have always been in love with the New York 80s street fashion for a very long time. I think my love with the trend came from after watching movies like Paid n’ Full and Do The Right Thing. The extra flashy look with the boom box in hand always was appealing to me.

Outfits such as the first look that came down the subway are simple but still have that dope swag look that I love in street-wear. The fur coat that embody something like a dead bear with the simple grey jogging suit, with the Timberland like boots and swinging gold chain was SUPER fire.

The colors in this collection was not too bright but bright enough. What I mean by this is that I wasn’t blinded by color. For example, the oversized yellow puffer coat was done perfectly. It was a nice yellow that I would be comfortable to wear outside. Sometimes too much bright color in a piece makes me feel like a big banana walking down the street.

This collection went through a lot of fazes. From B-Boy looks, to classy street looks, to very edgy looks. I was here for every piece of it. The styling for this collection was on point from the jewelry to the shoes. Moschino always come through with the out of the ordinary looks that’s so appealing and that makes you want to put on every look.

Well done Moschino cant wait to see more !

Here are some of the looks from the collection:


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