For Peter Dundas, the 70s is one of his favorite eras in style. It is a lot like his nomadic spirit. He decided to do a collection that payed homage to the New Romantic spirit of the 70s UK music era (according to Vogue Runway). This 70s collection is like one I haven’t seen yet. This collection had a mix of hippie looks, sexy looks, and party looks. Vibes that all correspond well with the 70s era. These looks are exactly the look alike ensembles that I have seen on famous 1970s celebrities such as Farrah Fawcett, Diana Ross, Cher, and more.

Flowyness played a big part in the 1970s trend. From skirts, to one pieces, to dresses. It was the hottest part of the trend. I love how he put the perfect amount of flowy pieces in the collection to bring out its true theme. Pieces such as the the first look with the long brown trench coat paired with the tan ruffled flowy dress was so 70s chic. I love minimal looks such as this one. The head scarf is a plus for me as well.

The many dresses implemented in this collection were so fashionable and sexy. These are perfect dress to wear to parties that will turn heads honey. The last two dresses were very disco chic. All the dresses reminded me of the hit movie Dream Girls. It was very stage presence ready. And I am all here for it.

Lastly, What I loved most about this collection would have to be Dundas own twist on the oversized sunglasses. If you all didn’t know, I am a sucker for sunglasses and seeing them included in the collection really warmed my heart. What is a 70s inspired collection with the infamous oversized sunnies ?

Here is a look at the collection:


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