Rihanna Releases Antique Cameos on FENTY ! and They Are Amazing !

Rihanna has always been ahead of the fashion industry. With her ultimate style and her ways of creating her own trends, shes always 10 steps ahead. Now incorporating fashion with precious ancient crafts, she is now changing the jewelry game. She has released a collection of the ancient piece Cameos. This collection consists of rings, pendants, and a pair of earrings that depict black women in her natural state. Which is honestly beautiful.

The Cameo is an emblem of fearlessness, elevation, creativity and joy — everything FENTY stands for. More than a sisterhood, FENTY is a coming together of powerful women. The Cameo is part of our legacy. -FENTY.COM

I know most of you are wondering what are cameos? Well Cameos were being used way back in 15,000 BC to depict ethics and morals and also to show peoples faiths or loyalties. In the early Greek and Roman era these carvings showcased Greeks and Goddesses, mythology, beautiful women, and biblical events. Not only were the Greek goddesses depicted on these early cameos, but also Black women. These black women where in their natural state and beautiful as ever. These Cameos have deep meaning and an abundant amount of history

It is important and amazing that Rihanna is bringing these cameos with black women showcased on them into fashion. This is to reassure and not forget the beautiful and hardworking appearance the black woman has.



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