#DopeCollegeLife : Fall Season is my Favorite Season !

Being on a historical campus(s) such as the AUC, I’m able to step and walk on the grounds of many historical alumni such as Martin Luther’s King Jr., Alice Walker, Esther Rolle, Spike Lee, Bernice King, And many more. Not only am I walking the grounds that they walked on but I also have access to some amazing scenery and backgrounds for pictures.

I can literally go anywhere in the AUC to take some fire pictures. Most of my pictures are taken on my schools grounds (Clark Atlanta University ) But I recently have been exploring and have found some other cool spots. This one spot that I took some pictures infront of is this long street that cars aren’t allowed to drive through. It’s a street that separates Spelman from Morehouse.

When I first saw this street, it ultimately gave me Fall vibes and I was eager to take pictures infront of it. The leaves where spread all over the street and the trees had the most perfect shade to them. It was the best background ever.

I am so lucky to have a friend that is willing to walk around the 3 campuses with me to take my pictures (and she also has an IPhone 11 so the picture quality was even better)

What I wore in these pictures is this sleeves herringbone top from Forever 21, burgundy leather jacket from Forever 21, dark blue distressed jeans from Ross, wheat Air Force 1s by Nike, and this Yellow Crocodile mini bag from Zara,



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