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7 Booties that are Perfect for Fall !


Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons of the year. That is because of the layering of clothing that comes with it, but also because of the many booties that are available to wear. Besides sneakers, ankle booties would probably have to be my fave. They come in so many different tones, colors, prints, and sizes that are suitable for everyone. These particular booties I am talking and will be showcasing today can go with teddy coats, trench coats, jeans, sweaters and more. The type of booties I like to aim for would have to be the shiny leather ones. They are a little more reliable than suede, which is because suede can get dirtier faster and not so easy to clean. The shiny leather booties are also quite more stylish as well.

What has been trending a lot lately would have to be the shiny crocodile print booties. That print is everything to me. I think that it could make your look go from chic to edgy. It can go with absolutely anything and change the perspective of your outfit. Another trend that has been circulating more and more on these different eCommerce fashion websites would also have to be the chunky ankle booties. I’m not even going to lie, chunky heels have always been on my hate list. I felt as if it were so boring and such a cheat to an actual stiletto heel. But after seeing more and more people wearing them and seeing the multiple possibilities that can be worn with these booties, I have grown to love them. Most of the booties that I am showcasing, surprisingly have the chunky heel and it is everything.

Now with all that being said, here are some ankle booties that are amazing for the Fall season!

ALDO – Torfiviel


ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Reed heeled ankle boots in brown croc


Ulani Pointy Toe Bootie


Valtina Chelsea Boot


Nasty Gal – Snake It Away Pointed Faux Leather Boots


Play No Games – Taupe




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