3 Ways You Can Style the Boohoo Teddy Coat !!

With fall season being one of my favorite seasons, I decided to do a How To Style on one of the biggest trends right now. The teddy coat has been widely popular for some years now during the fall/ winter season. Their plush and fluffy material is ultimately what draws my attention. From long coats to even short cropped ones, they are everything you need in a coat. I feel as if every girl deserves and needs to have a teddy coat in their closet to pull out during the fall and winter season.

Some people probably have teddy coats right now, but does not know how to Style the coat. Today I will be doing showing you all 3 ways on how to Style this teddy coat from Boohoo called the Brown Premium Teddy Fur Coat.

Premium Teddy Fur Coat
Premium Teddy Fur Coat

Outfit number 1

Outfit number 2

Outfit number 3


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