Leather Crocodile Bags are the New It Bag.

I always say to myself and other people, accessories complete a look. The accessory that I push the most are handbags. I am in absolute love with handbags and I know a lot of that stems from my mother. When I was growing up and currently, my mom always stayed at the mall buying a new handbag. When I was younger I used to always say “you just got a purse the other day”. Now being older, I understand the value of handbags and why you need to have so many different ones to pick from.

Last week was my schools homecoming ( I will do a article on my looks from homecoming) and I wanted to do something different when it came to my handbags. So what I decided to do is stack up on some mini crocodile bags. I never really bought or had the desire to buy a crocodile handbag, but Ive been seeing them on social media worn by an abundant amount of fashion influencers. I thought to myself that it was time for Ms. Taylor Simone to partake in the crocodile handbag trend.

The crocodile handbag is the most sleek yet. It adds a chic look to any outfit. It can come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors and still look absolutely beautiful. I purchased my two new leather crocodile handbags from Zara and the other from Boohoo ( I advise everyone to head over to Boohoo right now because they are having a 60% off site-wide sale). I have not gotten to wear my yellow leather crocodile bag from Zara yet. but I did wear my tan one from Boohoo. I wore it during homecoming. here’s a peak at the look

I absolutely loved this bag and everyone kept complimenting me on it.

here is a look at some more crocodile handbags



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