NYFW : Brandon Maxwell Spring 2020 ready to wear

Project Runway’s judge, Brandon Maxwell did something that we never thought that we would see. Along with women’s wear which is his usual, he also presented menswear that was just as tailored as the women’s wear. This collection was inspired on the emphasis of day wear for women and men. What also inspired the menswear collection would also have to be Maxwell’s fiance who has been wanting a menswear collection for a while now.

This collection was very preppy chic and so Brandon’s usual. I absolutely could see myself rocking all of these fits. Most designers go for “day wear” outfits but their pieces cant always be worn in the day time. But this collection right here screams daytime with a whole lot of love.

I was in love with the simple yet chic side of the button up shirts underneath the solid color knits. I have always loved that trend and thought of it as preppy chic. Its a trend in my eyes that will never go out of style.

What played a big part in this collection also would have to be the satin material used on blazers, baggy dress pants (that actually looked stunning on the women), shorts, dress shirts with oversized sleeves, and more. The men in the fashion show also were showcased wearing this satin suit trend in colors such as a bright burnt orange and an emerald green.

Along with the satin pieces that gave volume to these exquisite looks would have to be the head scarves which also completed some of these looks. My fave look of this collection would have to be the one with the pink satin turtle neck with the bishop sleeves and the burnt orangey long maxi skirt that was completed with the silk head scarf. It was such a vibrant vibe.

Lastly another trend in this collection would also have to be the abundant amount of denim that was showcased. The denim pants were tailored so well and looked comfortable to wear. Most time when designers implement denim pants in their collections, they look uncomfortable. These jeans on the other hand look pleasing to wear.

here are some of the looks from the collection:



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