Sneakers, Slides, or Sandals this Summer ?! Pros and Cons of these Different Footwear !

Ideally sandals are everyones go to footwear for the summer. They’re easy to slip on and gives you the perfect breeze for your perfect manicure. Sandals almost go with every dainty summer outfit you have in your closet and I dearly thank sandals for their dainty look. On the other hand, Sneakers always spice up the outfit for summer as well. I’m not talking about chunky or heavy sneakers, I’m talking about light weight and easy to manage sneakers. Sneakers that don’t have to be laced all the way up or sneakers that cause your feet to sweat fiercely.

When it comes to my summer go to shoe, I always chose either slides, sandals, or slip on sneakers. Now I’m going to describe the pros and cons of these different footwear types


Pros- Slides are easy to slip on and come in so many different colors and prints. You can find slides from any brand you can think of. Such as Vans, Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Balenciaga, and more. you can dress slides up with sporty outfits because I know most people throw on a cute active sweatsuit or set when going outside for summer while running errands. So a cute slide would be perfect if this type of fit.

Adidas Sandals Gucci Sandals Balenciaga Sandals

Cons- Slides could also get caught and make you trip. Sometimes when I’m walking around town in slides they can cause me to trip over my own feet. This is just not a me thing though. I’ve asked several people about this and they all agree with me. Slides can’t go with every outfit also. Wearing loose fitting trousers such as these ones:

Express Loose fitting trousers Lulus loose fitting trousers

Which are popular amongst the summer season, absolutely DO NOT go with slides. SLIDES AND LOOSE FITTING TROUSERS ARE A BIG FASHION NO. When I see people wearing anoutfit like that makes me hurt in the inside. If you do this, please stop. I’m just trying to help you out. Lastly, slides can make a fashionable outfit go from a 10 to a 3 in a second. If I’m scanning your outfit that consist of a beautifully tailored blouse, with some funky jeans that’s snitched with a bold statement belt and then I get to your feet and slides are on them, the outfit is automatically a FASHION NO.


Pros- Sandals are the most convenient way to dainty up your outfit for the summer. Sandals can come in so many different styles and designs. You will 10/10 find the perfect sandal that can go with your flowy summer outfit. Almost every clothing brand has sandals for sale that vary in prices. Some prices can be expensive and some can be dirt cheap but still fashionable. Sandals also allow your feet to breathe and not be covered up by material and sweat.

Steve Madden Sandals Shein sandals

Cons- Now all sandals are perfect for everyone’s foot type. Some people have very narrow feet and some have very fat and chunky feet. You HAVE to find a sandal that is perfect for YOU. Sometimes most people are spontaneous during their summer break. If you are a sandal wearer all the time, ( Trust me that’s not a bad thing at all) just be prepared for your feet to get dirty fast. Sometimes you would want to go on a spontaneous hike or take a walk, that dust and dirt will easily get up on your feet and make you look dusty from the ankles down. Trust me this has happened to me before and I was disgusted by how my feet looked afterwards. So make sure you always pack some sneakers in your trunk just in case you decide to do something adventurous.


Pros- Sneakers are my absolute favorite footwear. I just literally adore them. They come in different color ways, brands and could also tell a story. I could honestly tell you a story about every sneaker that I own. Sneakers are the essence to MY Dope Fashion Sense. It makes me feel swaggy in so many ways. I personally love streetwear in the summer, not saying that I don’t wear my summery looks, but I’d rather have a street style. It’s just in my DNA and culture. Sneakers in the summer are perfect if you’re an adventurous person looking for the perfect adventure. If you want to go to a fair or the Santa Monica Pier, they’re perfect for that. Because those types of places can also become over crowded and cause people to step on your toes. The type of sneakers I’m talking about in particular are like the Nike Vapor Max, which are a light weight and stylish shoe and also Vans, which are also light weight and stylish and could also go with any fit in mind.

Pink checkers slip on Vans Calvin Klein platform slip onPeach checkered slip on vans White slip on VansSuperga slip ons

Cons- Now sneakers can become tricky if you’re trying to wear a dainty outfit outside. The only sneakers that are on the verge of compatible for a dainty outfit would have to be vans because of their light color ways and lightweight. Sneakers could also cause you to have sweaty and stinky feet. I know most people don’t like to wear socks in the summer because of the heat. So if you’re thinking of wearing slip on sneakers try to wear No show socks or even put baby powder in your shoe before you wear it!

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