Dope Collection: The Ultimate First Look at FILA New Outdoors Collection

Fila is a brand that is growing more and more by the day. Fila had died down for a while in the fashion industry. But, 3 years ago or so, the brand reincarnated and everyone was rocking a Fila fit. Fila probably has to be one of the Dopest brands out right now. I can even say that I participated in the new Fila trend. Fila outfit sets are the most perfect go to fit for something casual and stylish. This new collection they have coming out now is super Dope.

Now switching gears most people want to become more adventurous people. When I mean adventurous, I mean going outdoors and sulking up the nature scene. In this day in age that we live in, social media plays a big part. Everyone always wants to take a picture of something exciting they did regarding to outdoor adventures. But to take this picture you have to have something cute and sporty on, right ? well Fila is here to save the day. They have released the ultimate Outdoors inspired collection for any one thats ready for some outdoor activities.

These clothes are meant for exploration, such as climbing, hiking, camping, etc. The pieces throughout this collection are very vibrant and colorful. With an abundant of footwear, clothing, and bags, this collection gives you many different items to pick from.

The collection takes us through different types of outdoors: Mountains, woods, Canyons, and Elements. A lot of these looks signifies a time back from their 70s, 80s, and 90s looks.

Since the bulky sneaker trend is in right now, thanks to brands like Balenciaga,  and Fila with their Disruptor sneaker. They added many bulky sneakers in different colors and they even added sandals as well.

Most of the pieces in this collection are menswear but honestly for me I enjoy wearing mens clothes. Its just something I like to do because I think mens Clothes are just as stylish as  womenswear. In the collection their is many shorts that comes in different colors. This is perfect because when you’re doing activities outdoors it can sometimes get hot. Also what I see in the collection is windbreakers. Windbreakers are a clothing piece that many outdoorsy people enjoy wearing. The Windbreakers were perfect for this collection.


These Pieces will be able to be purchased on July 26th online.








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