Is The Print-Mixing Trend Going to be Continued on to the Next Fashion Season ?

Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks awful. Print Mixing has been an hyped fashion trend for the past couple fashion seasons. Some designers can execute the trend marvelously and some should’ve stopped at the drawing board. It all depends and comes down to the style of the pieces to make it look great. Some times I struggle with the whole print mixing trend. I feel as if it could be tacky at times and also trendy. When I’m looking down my Pinterest timeline, I always see print mixing and it looks great but then it looks bad. After looking at many outfits with print mixing, I think to my self and ask “is this Print Mixing trend going to continue next fashion season again?”.

Now most trends are good for a season and then die down. A trend that was popular for on going seasons would have to be the 70s style. Many designers were consistent with this trend and it seemed like collection after collection mimic the trend. A trend that died rather quickly now that I think would have to be the Cowboy boots that every influencer was wearing last fashion week.

The significant amount of designers, fashion insiders, editors, and influencers that participate in the print mixing trend is tremendous. It’s so huge that at this point I don’t think the trend will die down any time soon. The trend is very much so creative and artsy in its own way. I feel that it allows you to express yourself in many ways and allows you to tell your story.

Being limitless to one color or colors that are matchy matchy don’t allow you to truly be the REAL YOU. Not saying that matchy outfits don’t show your personality, but mixing up your clothing and patterns allows you to express your inner self to the world.

Most people don’t want to be generic with their clothing. Trends like this particular one gives you a better idea of fashion and it’s unlimited ways to be YOU.

Here is some examples of the print mixing trend:

Margherita Missoni print mixing Print mixing La DoubleJ Print mixing La DoubleJ print mixing Valentino Print mixing Print mixing Print mixing Print mixing Print mixing Atlantic Pacific in red print mixing Print mixing Influencers print mixing


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