Fendi 2019 Couture Collection

Una collezione fenomenale in un luogo fenomenale. In translation : A phenomenal collection in a phenomenal place.

The Fendi collection was one of its own. Taking place in Rome, Italy at the Roman Coliseum.

“Fendi celebrates its relationship with the Eternal City and strengthens once again it’s deep and long lasting bond with its hometown for the presentation of Couture Fall/Winter 2019-2020”.

Creative Director, Silvia Venturini Fendi also has the show also in Rome to pay homage to the late great Karl Lagerfeld. Rome was one of Lagerfeld’s favorite places and also where he began working along with the 5 Fendi sisters 54 years ago until he passed away earlier this year. It’s said that Mr.Lagerfeld been to Rome more than 800 times ! Instead of a normal homage to Lagerfeld, Silvia Venturini Fendi showcased 54 beautiful looks. As you can see, 54 looks for the 54 years Karl Lagerfeld spent as creative director for the fashion house.

The connection between Fendi and the World of art and culture is a historical link that has lasted since 1925.

The colors of the collection went well with the set of the Roman Coliseum. With many neutral and warm tones walking down the runway, a vibe I caught was a 70s one. For this collection Silvia got inspiration from a gift that Karl gifted her the last time she saw him. It was a book on the Viennese Secessionist. The Secessionist and Roman inspiration gave these beautiful color tones that spoke volumes. The opening piece was very much so classy and chic. The white suit with the shoulder pads and gathered puff sleeves gave me life. Along with the pants tailored perfectly were gorgeous. This piece reminds me so much of something my mother would wear. She loves suits ! Another small piece of detail that I enjoyed was the gold hoops added to this look. I don’t know why but I just adored the suit with the hoops it gave me 90s vibes but a 70s look. One piece that caught my eye early on in the collection would have to be this earthy tone coat with different neutral tones that looked like marble. The colors mixed beautifully together. What also caught my eye in this look would have to be the see through marble skirt. It reminded so much of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City.

The 70s vibe displayed through this collection was everything. It gave popping fashionista 70 vibes. Big faux fur coats were also showcased. Some were Shaw’s and others were Superfly inspired. Of course to allude to theme were a tan suede suit with these large of same color stripes. Another thing that I saw that I appreciated a lot would also have to be the large amounts of see through pieces but covered up with large amounts of embroidery.

This collection was one of its own and amazing.


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