Dundas Fall 2019 Couture Collection.

Every girl day dreams of being on an exotic island, sipping on some fruity drinks, resting by the beach, and dressed up in the flyest and fashionable outfits. This seasons Dundas fall 2019 Couture collection embodies the true Island girl. There’s many versions of the island girl displayed in this collection. It goes from dark mysterious colors to bright colors. You get a taste of different alter egos throughout the collection. With certain collections, the theme goes through a lot of twist and turns throughout this collection which causes me to lose focus on the true meaning of the collection. With this one collection the theme stayed consistent and easy to follow.

The ruffled dresses came down the runway in many different colors and prints. From floral prints to animals print, we seen it all. The ruffled dresses were cinched in together with corset belts which added a funk to the dresses. Underneath these dresses are fishnets paired with stylish pumps and stylish bikinis. Most of the outfits in this collection show legs, legs, and more legs. The longer ruffled dresses in the collection had long extended slits that showcased the models long legs with fishnets on. Other dresses were very much mini and stylish.

Overall the collection cute and fun.


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