Haute Hijab New Heritage Collection

Hijab comes from the Arabic root word Hajaba, which means to conceal or cover. The Hijab is used in Islam and it’s principal is modesty. The head covering that the Muslim women wear is to be worn in the presence of men outside of their immediate family. It covers the head and the chest. Hijabs are making there way as a broad fashion accessory now. Even huge brands like Nike has incorporated the Hijab into its clothing pieces. The hijab is usually left out because of its cultural background and what it represents. But that all changes today. Haute Hijab, who started special shopping events that are focused and aimed for educating girls is adding a new Heritage collection to the brand.

Hijabs don’t always come in hi fashion and stylish prints but Haute Hijab is here to change that with stylish hijabs that come in different prints, vintage tones, and Islamic designs. Haute Hijab 10 years ago used to sell vintage scarves on the side to help with money for their brand along with her husband Ahmed Zedan.

Each piece celebrates the Muslim woman confidently owning her heritage as she strides boldly into the future. – Haute Hijab

These beautiful Hijabs from The Heritage Collection will range from $125 to $150

You can buy here ? https://www.hautehijab.com


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