The Shoe Surgeon Makes Epic glitter shoe with Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1s

The Shoe Surgeon, thats popular all over social media for his dope custom sneakers that have a kind of snake skin material on them and honestly they are the coolest shoe I’ve ever seen is now collaborating for the ultimate glitter sneaker.

The Shoe Surgeon is in collaboration with Fragment Design to drop a pair of Air Jordan 1s (which would be easy for him since most of his custom shoes are with Air Jordan 1s). This particular shoe is every person who is like me dreams. I’m a lover of glitter and now to have my favorite Jordan sneaker with glitter all over them puts an icing on the cake. This shimmer sneaker pays homage to the ‘City of Lights’. The shoe is launching exclusively at Paris boutique Nous. This shoe is like the OG blue, black, and white Air Jordan 1s but of course with the glitter twist. The glitter on this particular shoe is laminated with a glossy top so the glitter doesn’t fall off. It also has the Shoe Surgeon leather tongue tag. Only 25 pairs have been made and already some have been gifted to certain celebs. You can grab you’re own on June 22 at Nous for $1,685.


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