Stranger Things x Levi’s Collaboration

Stranger Things is a widely watched Netflix series that captivates many viewers when each season releases. It’s super natural genre is what makes people binge watch a whole season in a day. Since the highly anticipated show is coming back for a third season, famous denim brand, Levis contacts the Netflix show for an entire collaboration.

This fun collaboration will feature T-shirts to sweatshirts that involve the 80s theme that the show is set in. The show has collaborated with other brands before such as NIKE, Forever 21, and more. The branding and marketing for this show goes up and beyond. This ultimately attracts people to watch ( and of course the SUPER storyline).

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Denim played a huge role in fashion during the 80s and from the sneak peaks of this collection they added some denim pieces. Also of course they had to add denim in the collection since because its in collaboration with top denim brand, Levi’s. The denim looks very durable and sturdy for any activity you participate in. It also comes with some of the characters plastered all over the jacket. The sweatshirt is straight forward to the title of the show “Strange Things” in red lettering and white lining.

The collection will soon be available online and in store at Levi’s


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