Rihanna Uses Curvy Mannequins to Model her Fenty Line!

Rihanna showcased her first Fenty collection at a pop up shop in New York on June 18th. Many fans and fashion insiders were granted access into the pop up to shop from the hottest new fashion line, Fenty. From the clothing to the accessories and even the mannequins. YES MANNEQUINS were the talk of the pop up shop as well. Most pop up shops mannequins don’t get as much recognition because of its standard look, but of course the Queen Rihanna wanted her mannequins to steal the show as well. The mannequins imitated Curvy women and Twitter was on fire about the look. Women were finally happy to see the real showcased on such a large fashion brand. Every detail from the broad shoulders to the little pudge in the stomach and the bigger you know what in the back. The mannequins came in different shapes and sizes but looked like real women. Sometimes many luxury fashion brands struggle to be inclusive when it comes to curvier women with hips and more, so for Rihanna to include these type of mannequins in the beginning of her luxury fashion house sets the standards for her brand as an all inclusive brand.


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