Max Mara Resort 2020 collection

Where fashion meets architecture. The Max Mara resort 2020 collection was held at the great Neues Museum in Berlin. Where this Museum is located is a city that captivates the creative director, Ian Griffiths and is the city which the company, Max Mara launched its first jewelry collection. The fashion house decided to grace its presents at this wonderful museum because “to reinforce the artistic and architectural approach as a constant inspiration” says Max Mara via Instagram. A venue that was absolutely suitable for the types of clothing they were set to present.

Ian Griffiths main inspiration though for this collection was Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie. Marlene Dietrich was a German American actress where she acted through the 1910s to the 1980s. She was also known for her polished and bold fashion choices which led her to be a fashion icon. David Bowie was an English singer songwriter and actor. He was a leading person in the music industry. He was also famously known for his over the top, innovative, punk like style.

The pieces in this collection were all pieces that are able to be worn years from now. I’m noticing that Max Mara always produces pieces of clothing that are effortless and timeless. Their pieces are also nicely tailored. Many trench coats and blazers graced the runway or the Museum stair cases. And this is to do with Marlene and David’s love for trench coats and masculine tailoring which would be seen a lot on Marlene. Their love for these trench coats is why we see so many pants suits that are constructed so precisely.

The order of color that came down the stairs went from tan to brown to red to a light blue to white. One interesting piece that stood out to me would be the all red ensemble that had a mesh see trough top that showed the models chest and this long skirt that had something that look like red roses all over it. This look in particular reminded me a lot of David Bowie inspiration. Ian Griffiths also recreated the mesh see through top but in a dusty blue color along with some oversized masculine suit pants. Which would be an inspiration from both Marlene and David.

The show ended with a mirage of all white ensembles that included mesh tops, of course trench coats, skirts, pant suits, and also double breasted coats as well. This was also a inspiration from Marlene and David and their movie “Just a Gigolo”.

After the show were treated to a beautiful dinner at the museum where celebrities like Angela Bassett graced their presence to celebrate an amazing show.


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