Kendall Jenner Graces the Newest Adidas Originals Collection.

Adidas Original has widely been embraced by many people all over the world. Its truly its own fashion trend of its own. Major people in the fashion industry always has pieces own from Adidas Original. If its with Adidas sneakers on or even heels, the track suits, dresses, shorts, skirts, and more are trending more and more everyday. Daniëlle Cathari started with the brand back in 2017 with her first collaboration for Spring/Summer 17. Now whats upon us is her fourth collection with Adidas Originals with the brand ambassador, Kendall Jenner as the star of the collections shoot.

With this new collection, I see a lot of sweatsuits and workwear. Not you’re ordinary kind of workwear though, its modern workwear. Gender switching fashion has been re occurring trend for the past couple seasons. especially for women and wearing mens clothes has been done way before my time. Even my mother use to participate in this trend by wearing her dads or my dads old blazers and making it high fashion and stylish. You can see Kendall Jenner wearing a soft lavender suit with an oversized blazer. and also underneath that blazer is a white hoodie that looks real chill and trendy. These big baggy sweatsuit shown throughout the campaign are super cozy. Cozy fits are the best fits they are also are real trendy right now.

This collection is super trendy and attractive


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