Elie Saab Resort 2020 Collection. “ Coastal Crossroads”

Wonder what my face looked like when I saw the Elie Saab Resort 2020 collection? Well this is how it looked :

Everything from the Elie Saab collection is something I should see myself wearing. So much elegance and poise was showcased in each piece. This particular 2020 Resort collection is called “Coastal Crossroads” which represents “the rich cultural heritage of every great empire along the shores of the Mediterranean” according to Elie Saab via Instagram. These pieces from the collection truly embodied the Resort collection definition. Many prints, colors, and bold statements.

Each model shined brightly underneath the Mediterranean sun with clothing that was an essence of freedom and cultural heritage. While some of the models beamed underneath the sun, some graced the camera in a studio and flourished greatly. This collection has many different levels of Resort and styles. In one scene we see these beautiful and electric dresses with great oversized sleeves that are perfect for not any ordinary event. These sleeves are so big that they have its own fashion statement. Elie Saab used yellows, greens, blacks, blues, reds, and even cream to depict his vision for this collection. With all these different colors and prints, we were able to see so many dresses, pants and tops in different styles and moods. One minute she’s conquering the world in a yellow deep V gown that moved effortlessly in the wind, then she’s still conquering the world in an off the shoulder long sleeve black gown that is see through just enough to still be sexy. The cream pieces of clothing that was presented in the collection also gave settle vibes as well. In this cream lace material came long sleeve maxi dresses, halter top dresses, cream lace jumpsuits, oversized blouses, solid cream blazers, trousers, and much more. These cream looks are so effortlessly stunning and look great underneath the Mediterranean sun. When it comes to the handbags in this collection I seen a great amount of mini handbags and also a lot of bigger handbags. Oversized handbags are a re emerging trend right now. Trust me I love my mini handbags, but after this collection I’m flocking right now to get an oversized handbag. Another trend I saw in these bigger handbags would have to be the tweed material. Tweed is the hot material that is widely seen in the summer season and used by other designers. Elie Saab executed this trend perfectly. It tied into the Resort collection perfectly. So many alter egos and style in this collection and I could truly see my self rocking each of these looks.


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