Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Simone Steps Out of Her Comfort Level and Opts out for a Grunge look. Can I Pull it Off ? // Outfit of the Day

Today I was thinking if I should virtually put together an outfit of the day or pick an outfit of the day from my closet and dress it on me.

Decisions decisions

So I ultimately decided on picking some items straight from my closet and going out and take some pictures. See the thing is I’ve been thinking about putting this outfit together for a very long time and I decided why not today.

When I put an outfit together, I usually go for something dainty or chic or streetwear. But I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and go for something that’s way from what I usually wear. And that’s GRUNGE Fashion.

What is grunge fashion you might ask, Well it’s named of course after Grunge music which pertains to rock n roll music. The styling of clothes includes a lot of black, plaid, heavy boots, tattered shirts, and rock band tees. It was very much popular in the 90s and still is.

Here is an example of Grunge style

If you look at my previous My Style looks, they’re totally opposite of this. But it’s always good to step out if you’re comfort level and try something new. So this is the outfit I opted for today.

So let me tell you guys something that is funny, every piece except for the bag and glasses have never been worn before. I have an abundant of clothing that I’ve never worn before in my closet that is screaming to be worn.

But anyways, I love the layering of clothing. So I decided to put this Polo white turtle neck that was from Goodwill underneath this black velvet wide V neck shirt that is from my Grandma. I really loved this combination a lot. I feel like layer pieces makes a statement and makes your outfit pop 10x more. I then paired this herringbone mini skirt from Forever 21 (my favorite store) with the turtle neck and black velvet top. I felt that pairing these items together would look different and unique and also because I never worn the skirt and was feening to wear it. I then added these Zara black studded riding boots (also another one of my favorite stores) to add more of a grunge look to the outfit. Lastly to complement the white in the sweater and skirt, I added this cute little white bag from Forever 21 and white cat eye sunglasses. I think every outfit needs an accessory that pops just as much as the outfit and I felt as if these glasses did a lot for this look. Without these glasses this outfit wouldn’t be as fire as it is now.

I’m really proud of this outfit and hope to do more of these type of Outfit of the Days.


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