Balmain and Selfridges Team up for Ultimate Custom Sneaker and Clothes Section

Everyone loves a shoe that’s different from the regular shoe you see walking down the street. Custom sneakers make you standout from the crowd and always has some one admiring you’re foot wear. Though custom sneakers can cost you some more extra change, it’s always worth it because it’s a shoe no one else would have.

Balmain has teamed up with famous London department store, Selfridges for the ultimate custom sneaker area. Balmain is releasing a variety of of rock inspired sneakers. These type of shoes come from the rock inspired aesthetic that the brand has been producing. For them to bring these heavy metal like shoes to Selfridge is important also. London is where the rebellious style trend came from originally and to prop these sneakers there is amazing.

The Department store has created a metallic space for the sneakers that’s real sleek and precise. This space is accessible and ready for customer use. Another cool component this custom sneaker section has is sneaker artists to help assist you with you’re customized sneakers. This is amazing because they are able to add personalized words or saying to your sneaker, graffiti, and even Japanese visuals. Along with the custom sneaker area, they will also be having the Balmain ready to wear collection accessible for customization. That’s super cool to have some sneakers and clothing customized together.


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