Amiri Spring 2020 Ready to Wear collection

Bright pastel colors are what graced the runway in Paris today at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. This show was way brighter and lighter than the previous dark and gothic Amiri shows in the past. This show had more color and happiness in the collection. Not saying that his other collections weren’t up to par with this one, but this Spring collection has a lot of life to it. Like I said pastel colors played a big part in this collection. Another part that played a big part in this collection was its 70s bohemian feel as well. A lot of fringe, velour jeans, velour blazers and pants suits, velour vest, and more. 70s style has been playing a big part in the fashion industry for the past couple seasons and its seeming that they’re keep up with this trend in this collection.

Like I said in my past Resort fashion show reviews, big bags are starting to become more of a trend this season. In this particular collection they pick up on this trend and incorporate more bigger handbags that are simple yet chic. These big handbags remind me a lot of my mom. She absolutely loves a big handbag. She always says “the bigger the handbag, the bigger the statement”.

A statement piece in this collection that stood out to me is this light washed jean jacket with what looks like hand painted people with Afros (sort of look like Jimmy Hendrix) and some with crowns looking majestic, Angelic and full of color and paired with some pastel green wide leg jeans.


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