Will the 30 Montaigne Dior Handbag become the new “It” Bag ?

When Dior relaunched it’s Dior saddle bag, everyone flocked to own the new “it” bag. Every influencer on Instagram rocked their saddle bag with confidence and style to all the industry events and fashion shows. It became a bag that everyone wanted and desired. Now on the streets that’s all I see, people rocking there Dior saddle bag.

Now recently released on May 10th is the 30 Montaigne Dior handbag. This handbag was one of the 10 prototypes that were suggested by Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director for Dior ultimately chose this 30 Montaigne handbag for its easy to manage and mid size shape. When Christian Dior presented its pre fall 2019 collection in December is when the world got to see the new 30 Montaigne handbag. This luxury bag had the Dior monogram logo all over it. It was a rectangular mid size bag  with a rectangular sized flap that had the “CD” large clasp. It’s handles looked as if they were adjustable to your requirements. The maroon leather that was on major parts of the bag and straps were accented by gold brass looking medals. It ultimately looks like the perfect “it girl” bag.

The 30 Montaigne handbag is named after the first address of the iconic fashion house in 1946.

When I saw this handbag last December I fell in love with it. It caught my eye first. I think that’s because when I look at a collection I tend to look at the accessories first before the actually clothes. I don’t even know why I do that, but that’s me.

An “icon” is what creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri wants to define the new era of the label and putting this 30 Montaigne Handbag at the forefront is going to put the label in the right direction. Already I’ve seen the 30 Montaigne handbag everywhere on social media and I can see in a few weeks the bag to explode everywhere just like the Saddle bag.


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