Outfit Of The Day ! Summer Vibes !

I haven’t done an Outfit of the day in so long and I have no idea why. I’ve been creating them but haven’t been posting them on here. Since we all know, Summer is coming up and it’s time to show some skin. By the looks of this LA weather right now, it seems that it’s going to be cloudy a lot in the Summer. Im praying that sun is prospering this summer. Sometimes people don’t know what or how to dress for the summer. Colors, clothing styles, and accessories are kind of hard for people to find and wear in the summer. The only thing that people know how to wear in the summer is bathing suits. Trust me it’s nothing wrong with a cute and flirty bathing suit for the Summer, but it’s also good to look stylish but still have the Summer vibes going on.

This outfit of the day is more like a perfect outfit for the summer. Summer and fall probably have to be my favorite seasons for dressing up. For fall you are able to wear layers of clothing and amazing outerwear pieces ( which is my fave piece of clothing) and then for summer you are able to show a little more skin and wear brighter colors that Accentuate your skin color. It’s always great in the summer to wear bright and beautiful colors that makes your skin POP. So a color that I decided to use today was yellow. Of course yellow is the go to color for summer but with my type of skin color which is like a golden Caramel color, yellow makes my skin pop a whole lot. I decided to add these yellow and white stripe pants and the white ruched long sleeve crop top. I’ve been into accessorizing all my outfits. Accessories can make or break your fit and I decided not to add too many accessories but enough to make a summer statement. A new trend that I’ve been seeing emerge on the scene a lot lately is rhinestone hair pins with different sayings such as “Slay” “pretty” and more. I decided to use these ones with the words “ feelings” and “glam”. Lastly straw bags also are a big trend now in fashion. From Jacquemus to many other designers, they have caught on the the straw handbag frenzy. This is why i decided to add a straw handbag to the outfit. Plus it ties in well with the summer look vibes. I hope you all enjoy this outfit of the day !

– white mesh ruched detail long sleeve crop top from Pretty Little Thing

-Miss Lola Poppy Mustard sandals

-Sensi Studio straw netted bucket bag

-Kitsch Justine Marjan Feelings rhinestone Bobby pin

-Kitsch Justine Marjan Glam rhinestone Bobby pin

-Kenneth Jane Lane sequin hoops

-Macy’s Cumbria Zirconia curved bar 18″ pendant necklace in sterling silver

-Madewell Silk Skinny Bandana


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