Harlem’s Fashion Row teams up with Nike again with New addition with Lebron sneaker

Last Fall designers from Harlem’s Fashion Row teamed up with Nike to collaborate on the Women’s Nike Lebron 16 Sneaker . It was amazing to see all black women design a shoe for a big brand such as Nike for women. The shoe even sold out in 5 minutes. Now today, the HFR designers are collaborating on the shoe again but with a new color way. The Shoe brings empowerment to women of color all across the globe. The new color way comes with a bright Citron and white color scheme. On the back of the shoe is a 3-D modeled lion that grips the laces of the shoe by the mouth. The shoe also has an adjustable ankle strap that could be worn as a bracelet. Over all this shoe is fye The shoe is due to come out this later fall and will cost you $250 -STAY TUNED FOR MORE DOPE FASHION

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