Talita von Furstenberg first Fashion collection with her grandmother.

Who is Talita von Furstenberg? Well look at her last name ! She is the granddaughter of Diane von Furstenberg and we all know who that is. The 19 year old Georgetown University student has designed her first capsule collection for her grandmothers fashion line, DVF. This collection is filled with spring loving, summer loving, flows dresses and other pieces.

The title of the capsule collection will be called “TVF for DVF” very clever and cute.

Talita’s inspiration for this collection is a reflection of her own personal style which she says is “feminine and soft”. Before the launch of the collection Diane shared some photos of young Talita and captioned it “A collection 19 years in the making”.

The collection is made up of 23 pieces and is now available on the DVF website !


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