Outfit of the day! All pieces from Black designers.

So today for Outfit of The Day I decided to use pieces all designed by black designers. I feel as if the fashion industry doesnt really shine a big enough light on black designers. It was said by CNN that at the last New York Fashion Week that nine out of dozens of designers showing at fashion week were black. Thats surely not enough of people of color showcasing their designs and talent. I feel as a black woman myself that i need and will start showcasing more black designers on my site so they can get as much exposure as they can.

So I did some research on some black owned fashion brands and came up with the Outfit of The Day. One of my favorite parts of this look would have to be the long red plaid trench coats. Outerwear is my favorite piece of clothing and this brand that I found has THEE best outerwear i’ve seen in a while. Another one of my favorite pieces would have to be the handbag. Whats so unique about this bag is that its shaped in the continent of Africa, which pushes and broadcasts the culture of Africans and African Americans.

  • HSTRY CLOTHING 2018 Crest Tee
  • ROMEO HUNTE Denim hat with shearling ‘H’
  • ROMEO HUNTE Infinity 3-in-1 trench coat
  • KENDALL MILES designs black pout boot
  • ORIJIN CULTURE Alkebulan bag black
  • BALMAIN Flared cropped denim jeans
  • OFF-WHITE gold small logo cross necklace
  • OFF-WHITE gold dog tag necklace


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