Long Live Nipsey Hussle. His Legacy will continue to live through the lives of many people.

” Im prolific so gifted I’m the type thats gone go get it no kiddin” -Nipsey Hussle

Yesterday afternoon we lost a Los Angeles native…Grammy nominated Rap Artist Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey Hussle wasn’t just a rapper, he was an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, family man, community organizer and more. He gave back to his community like no other. He was always repping and looking out for the South Central Los Angeles community. Nipsey was shot in front of his “Marathon” clothing store on Slauson and Crenshaw, a street that he primarily grew up on. It is sickening that a man that was just trying to stay in tuned with his city to make it a better place to live was gunned down in the same city that he grew up in and gave back to constantly. Today, when I rode by his clothing store where he lost his life, there were hundreds of people standing outside to pay their respect to a neighborhood hero. Watching the community come together and mourn the death of a pure Angel is the best thing to see going through my social media. Gun violence needs to stop in America. It is killing wonderful and impactful souls out here. We as a black community need to stop the hate on each other and rise against all the negativity and make a positive change in the world. They want us to act like animals. They want us to seem like maniacs that shoot and kill each other over stupid things. Instead of all the violence and hate , we need to start opening businesses, investing, and making a name for ourselves and not as ‘gangsters’ but as THE LEADERS OF AMERICA. 

Nipsey was such a motivator. If you look back and listen to his music he always rapped about real things that made you think about life. His music made me want to be a “GO GETTA” and thats exaclty what I AM. I want to thank Nipsey for the music he allowed for all of us to hear and the music that encourages and inspires me to keep going everyday ,as I strive to be the best that I can be with my fashion blog and everything else. 

Prayers go up to his Family and close friends.


Today I decided to do 3 outfits of the day that includes a piece of clothing from his brand “The Marathon”. Hope you all enjoy.


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