Jennifer Lopez Honored with the Fashion Icon Award at the 2019 CFDA Awards.

It’s no secret that the CFDA Awards Fashion Icon Award is one of the prestige awards to receive since the fact that the council members

of CFDA pick who to honoree is. The council members would be some of the best and influential people in the fashion industry. Last

year the beautiful Naomi Campbell had the honor of receiving this award. Naomi puts the super in supermodel. She is truly ICONIC.

This years Fashion Icon award is going to be honored to Jennifer Lopez. J-lo knows what to bring attention to herself when she dresses.

Even the simplest yet chic outfits can bring attention onto her. J-lo is always on point with her looks. Her styling team always puts her

is the most form fitting looks that complements her in so many ways.

CFDA announced the news on April 16th on their instagram.

CFDA gave credit to J-lo impact on the red carpet fashion. Her looks are bold and outstanding. The organization dedicated a few

post to this year (Jennifer Lopez) fashion Icon honoree.

The CFDA Awards will be held on June 3rd at the Brooklyn Museum.

Here are a few of J-lo’s iconic looks


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