Hot product of the day : Chanel Side Packs !

It was only 6 months ago (October) when we were all blessed with the beach themed Spring/Summer 2019 collection from Chanel. We saw many textures, colors, and of course tweeds. It’s also when we got to see some fashion products that everyone is rocking now. For example that white cropped button up classy top ‘CHA’ and ‘NEL’ on the flaps of the top and of course what we are going to talk about today which is the Chanel side packs bag !

I’m literally seeing these bags everywhere on social media. They just might be the it bags this summer. This interesting bag basically comes with two nice size bags. The chains from each bag cross in the middle of your body while on bag lays on each of your sides.

This lambskin bag comes in different colors and sizes and is capable with anything you wear. Super classy and sophisticated. But that’s what you already knew when looking at something from Chanel


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