Paris Fashion Week: TOMMY HILFIGER x ZENDAYA collaboration is screaming 70s vibes !

The 70s trend is still upon us. This time though, Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with Zendaya for the ultimate tribute to the 70s with modern day models. This collection is teleporting all of us in the fashion world to the 70s. Funky and fabulous is what this collection is.

Last October it was reveled that Tommy Hilfiger would be teaming up with Zendaya for the ultimate collection. I was anticipating this day so much because Tommy Hilfiger is always on point with his designs and Zendaya is just such a Fashion icon in my eyes. I knew this collection was going to be on beast mode!

The Models dazzled in every piece of clothing, accessory, and hairstyles that was poppin back in the 70s. From color blocking jumpsuits, jean suits, halter tops with collars, big boho bags, leather, see through dresses, platform heels, prints, and of course Afros.

This fashion show was basically a big ole 70s party. Disco lights, light up floor, roller rink. The models were even roller skating down the runway.

I love this 70s trend so much. I think the 70s were one of the eras where fashion was really expressed in so many ways. The new styles that were introduced during this decade were so different and showed the freedom & confidence people had during this time.

This collection really makes you wanna go back to the 70s and go to a disco party.

This was a great collection. Well done Tommy and Zendaya



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