Paris Fashion Week: Karl Lagerfeld last collection with Chanel. The Graceful Goodbye.

A show with so much life and elegance. A show that brought the best in the fashion industry together to celebrate the late Karl Lagerfeld last collection with the iconic fashion house, Chanel. I know Karl worked with other fashion houses, but for me I feel as if I first heard about him from being the creative director of Chanel. Over the years we have seen Karl transform Chanel into what we all know of it as today. At the beginning of the show there was a message from Karl Lagerfeld that left everyone quite and soaking up each and everyone of his words. The peace and serene moment made it surreal that an iconic piece of art was gone.

The set of the show looked as if we were in a Chanel Haven or a weekend in Big Bear or Aspen. The runway was filled with snow. They had bark like cabins with backgrounds of snow infested mountains. They even had Chanel Skis ( super stylish).

Of course the accesories at the show were so on theme. The hand bags had teddy fur like fabric covered on them with a variety to pick from. My favorite piece would have to be the black and white backpack with the teddy fur. So chic and perfect for the snow. They had many different boots with teddy fur on them. Some even with the Chanel emblem on the back of the boot.

Opening up with the collection is Cara Delivigne who is known with being a model for Chanel and someone who was close to Karl. She opened the show wearing this beautiful long Houndstooth jacket with this beautiful knit like jumpsuit. she looked absolutely stunning.

This collection was filled with classic Chanel wear. I loved all the pieces in this collection. Very warm and close to home. Big coats, wide leg trousers, knits, beautiful hats, and more graced the runway. All models styled excellently.

At the end of the show it was a graceful yet emotional finale walk with all the models, some crying and holding hands while walking down the runway. Many, probably all the people in the audience recorded or clapped for the phenomenal show which marked the ending of Karl Lagerfeld’s great and extraordinary touch to the Chanel fashion house.


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