The Best 5 Tips on shopping !

I know many people go shopping and have no idea what they want to purchase or even how to go about buying items at the mall. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s difficult for me to go into the mall and shop. But after I followed these 5 tips on shopping, it became so much easier for me. I was now able to find bits and pieces of clothing each shopping trip and then at the end was able to create fashionable outfits.

1. Don’t be closed minded

– This is something that I’ve recently discovered. I used to go into the mall only focusing on one thing and not broadening my options. Being closed minded has to be the worse thing you can be while shopping because you aren’t trying to expose your mind to new, different, and exciting pieces that could spice up your closet.

2. Don’t pick pieces for just a specific event

– Going into the mall just for an event is not always good. When you are trying to pick something specific for an event it’s not always going to be in stores. It’s great to go shopping and pick up random stuff that you might need to wear in the future. For example, say that I go to the mall and I see a stunning white dress. I’m going to think “hey I might have to go to an all white party in the FUTURE.” Let me buy this dress today, even though I don’t need it right now. It’s a good idea to think about possible outings in the future, while shopping at the mall. This will ensure that when that special event comes up you don’t have to run all over the city to find something to wear.

3. Always try to pick up an accessory every shopping trip

– I recently found this tip out. In the past, I didn’t think it was important to pick up a piece of jewelry or some glasses at the mall. I thought of it as useless. But I then found that accessories play a big part in styling an outfit. Even buying small handbags plays a big part when shopping. Some people feel that wearing one handbag all the time is good enough. Let me be the first to tell you No! it’s not stylish to wear one bag. It is good to spice up your personal accessories inventory every now and then with a new and exciting bag or earrings. Most of the accessories that I do buy when I’m at the mall usually come from Forever 21. They have affordable and great quality accessories.

4. Don’t rush. pick through all items thoroughly

– Patience, Patience, Patience is the key when shopping. You cannot be in a rush. Let me say it again, YOU CANNOT BE IN A RUSH! you always want to look through everything. I remember a time when I would look at a section in a store and not find one thing. Then I would see somebody that was looking in the same section along with me, find so many cute and unique fashion pieces. Being impatient will leave you feeling hopeless and empty handed at the store. Honestly, if I’m in a mall for more than 4 hours and come out with beautiful pieces that make me feel good, I have had a successful day shopping.

5. Try on your pieces to make sure they fit your body type.

– I can’t stress this enough. Before this tip, I would literally pick up clothes and not try them on. Then when I got home, the clothes would look a mess on me. I would almost start crying because my newly purchased items looked so bad on me. After many times of being disappointed when I got home, I decided to start trying on clothes that I picked out at the store. This would ultimately lead me to being satisfied with my purchase, which saved me from having to return my newly bought clothes. This also saved me time and money.


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