Casual Leopard Print Lewks // outfit of the day!

When I make outfit of day I usually go for a worker chic or some other

extravagant type of style to post on here. Today though, I thought of creating

a outfit that is casual. Something that you can wear on the weekends while

running some errands or simply just having fun.

Animal print is a big trend everyone is participating in and I’m so

here for it. So when I seen this Leopard print cami top I was so eager to put

it in this outfit set. I’m starting to really love odd jeans as I call it. What I

mean by odd jeans is jeans that are different from the regular jeans that you

see commonly on people walking through your neighborhood. I admire at at the

bottom of these R13 jeans how they have two different color jean materials.

I’m so into bright color bags or accessories being added to an outfit to make

it pop. So when I saw this Hi yellow Marc Jacobs box bag, I had to insert it

into this outfit set.

• R13 Camille Jeans

•Mes Demoiselles – Fauve leopard print cotton cami top

•Women’s UGG Gene Mules

•Marc Jacobs yellow Box bag

•Fossil Women’s Jacqueline winter white leather strap watch 36mm

•Meira T 14k yellow gold single stud with wishbone earring

•R13 denim jacket


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