Alice & Olivia are with the vibes !

Alice & Olivia never disappoints me and when I mean never I mean NEVER. they

are always on point with every season collection. This is why they are

one of my favorite hi fashion brands. They are always colorful and vibrant which

makes you constantly want to see more.

When thinking of this collection Stacey Bendet has the vision of Twiggy in her

head. We all know who Twiggy is. She was and still is an icon in the fashion industry

. She was to me the face of the Swinging 60s modeling era.

Stacy wanted to go with a collection that had a pixie style with vibrant colors.

Something that she is already used to when designing a collection. With these

thoughts in mind she succeeded to its full potential.

She had a variety of Twiggy like trousers, tops, and monochromatic colored


I personally love this first piece which is a blue pleated dress that is so whimsical

and so perfect for this brand

Here are some more looks from the collection


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