Sally LaPointe pre fall 2019 collection

Sally LaPointe’s Brand is set on the principles of “causal yet cool glam” this is

exactly what is portrayed through this collection. My favorite, faux

fur was presented throughout this collection in an array of ways. The faux fur

was distributed on the lining of the knit sweaters, their was faux fur

patches on the sweaters elbow part, full faux fur jackets, and faux fur on

the side of the sleeve of a sweater. The cool a light tones brought the chicness

out of the collection. I loved the peaches, light blues, and greys. To add more

spice to the collection they added reds, dark browns, and black.

I’m such a fan of outerwear, I actually live for it ! When I see a collection with

great outerwear I automatically fall in love. This is what I did for this collection.

The many long coats and trench coats made me fall in love. They were simple

yet chic at the same time.

Another favorite of mine would have to be the addition of the silks. From pants,

to blouses, and dresses. This added a more laid back vibe to the collection.

Overall this was an amazing collection and I can’t wait for future collections

from this brand.

Here is some pieces from the collection:

-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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