Birthday behavior ! This is how I’m feeling.

My birthday was just this week December 26. Yes the day after Christmas.

No I don’t get double gifts. I only get Christmas gifts and that’s about it.

I decided to go light this year with my birthday ( which I kind of do every year).

I usually never do anything or dress up for my birthday. But this year I was

determined not to be a homebody and dress up and go out. This is exactly what I did.

Living in the LA area there is tons of things to do in the city. So the spot I

picked for my birthday celebration was The Grove. A nice outdoor mall.

The Grove is such a beautiful place to be, especially during the Christmas

season. All the lights and people are amazing.

I decided to eat at the Nordstrom cafe and let me tell you they had the best

burger I have had in a while. Plus I loved the little birthday cake I got. It was

so yummy. I don’t even know what they call this particular cake.

I wore this white button up shirt and on top of the button up I had on a Glen

Plaid Pattern thick spaghetti strap top. I then wore these grey skinny jeans

with black stripe on the side that I got from Forever 21. I paired this look

with some all black pointy booties. Then I accessorized this look with

my moms old Tiffany&Co heart necklace.

Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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