The Fashion Nova x Cardi B line is coming soon !

Everyone knows how much Fashion Nova’s Brand has grown over the years.

They started off as a small Instagram company and turned that into one of the

best online fashion stores and they can Thank that to the many celebrities and

influencers that are constantly promoting their clothes and accessories. One

celebrity in particular that gave the hot brand more clout and exposure would

have to be Ms. Cardi B herself.

Many of us has seen Cardi B recording her promo videos for Fashion Nova

and loved every inch of it. I love how Cardi will mix high end brands such as like Dolce&Gabbana or Chanel with a Fashion Nova jean or a Fashion Nova top.

I’m her hit song with Yg called ‘She Bad’ Cardi even shouts out the fashion

brand “ I could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit”


In an E! Interview she said “ I want

people to be like ? Is that Chanel? Is that Gucci? Oh, it’s Fashion Nova? Oh okay ?”

This exciting and highly anticipated

collection has 80 pieces that has about everything you could want out

of a collection of this magnitude

The brand is getting influence from Cardi B’s Style and cultural Icons in the

late 80s and early 90s. So most likely there will be bright colors and sexy styles.

This collection will also included very nice and tailored pieces that are great for

the office as well as hanging out with friends at the club.

Most of the items in this collection will be around $40 but more luxury like items

will be a little more pricey.

So Mark your Calendars for November 15th the get your exclusive Cardi B x Fashion Nova fits at

-Stay Tuned for more Dope Fashion

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