Dior Men pre-fall 2019 collection!


I haven’t really done a review on  a mens collection before and I have no

idea why but when I came across this collection this morning I made it

my mission to write a compelling review to describe this fantastic collection.

This collection was presented in Tokyo at the Telecom Center Building. Many

big names were in attending at the show such as Bella Hadid, A$AP Rocky,

Pusha T, Kate Moss, and many more.This is only Artistic Director, Kim Jones

2nd runway show for Dior in the last 6 months. The collection gives you futuristic

vibes that meet Modern day. There were 11 meter high sculptures, strobe laser

lights as if you were in a Futuristic club venue.


The Tailoring for each piece of clothing was spectacular. I loved the use of

metallics, whites, and blacks to elude the Futuristic Vibe that was being

displayed this pre-fall season. My favorite piece would probably have to be

the the gray blazer but not your typical blazer. this blazer had the button closer

to the side rather than in the middle. This stood out to me a lot because I’m

starting to realize different is the new normal and this is something that is different

but still fly at the same time.

He uses this technique in other pieces such as these:



I enjoyed the incorporation of the iconic Dior Saddle Bag but structured

in a more manly way that I’m pretty sure most would like. These used the

Saddle Bag but put that futuristic style to it and made it into a Sling Bag

Lastly the opening look was such an attention grabber and set the tone

for the rest of the collection. I loved how they used this knit turtle neck

with the word Dior on the front in a futuristic print. The different lines on

the turtle neck gives you robotic vibes. I enjoyed this piece very much. I

could see many women as well rocking this knit sweater.

here are some more looks from the collection:


 -Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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