Cardi B collection with Fashion Nova sold out in minutes !


The highly anticipated collection by Cardi B with Fashion Nova completely sold out in minutes. Yes thats right people, the hip hop star’s first Fashion collection sold out in minutes.


last week I talked about how Cardi B and Fashion Nova were teaming up together to collaboration on the ultimate collection (click here to read) well on Thursday the collection was launched and sold out in minutes. Don’t be hurt about not being able to purchase anything from the collection, the site will be restocking soon to satisfy everyones needs.


this collection has a mix of everything a woman could wear. they have pieces thats dedicated to the working girl, pieces for the chill girl, and pieces for the party girl. There are many different hues involved in this collection as well. you have bright reds, whites, Blacks, Blues, Browns, Yellows, and Denim.


This is something that I can see every girl wearing now a days. The vision behind this collection was compelling, tasteful, lavish, and rich.


here are a few looks from the collection:


– Stay Tuned for more Dope Fashion

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