This weeks Dope Fashion Sense style: Gigi Hadid

Im starting a new segment every week were I showcase people

who have a Dope Fashion Sense. This could be from celebrities

to ordinary fashionistas. Today I’m going to be showcasing Gigi Hadid.

Gigi is one that changes up her style a lot. One minute she’s dressed

punk rock the next she’s dressed like a sweetheart.


she’s in a denim blazer and biker shorts, Prada bag, Silver Christian Louboutin pumps

she’s in a sheer black top, a Fleur du Mal bra, Freya Dalsjø pants, and black patent leather boots

red sheer top and pants, red clutch, red boots, and Tommy Hilfiger jacket

wrangler rocker tee, boyfriend jeans, red satin Senso boots, and tan sweater.


Jeremy Scott T-shirt dress

floral printed t shirt dress with tan belt, blue mini purse, and brown leather mules



-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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